What Is “Faces In The Sea”?

It’s enlightening to realize the depth of story that is told by a human being’s face. A face displays joy, hope, fear, disappointment, despondency, sincerity, love – all emotions that pour from a life experiencing Story, and all of these faces – all of these stories are swirling about, interacting, experiencing their individual roles in the universe.
“Faces In The Sea” is something that happens when one of these faces I encounter in my daily life speaks to me. 
As you take time to see them, read their stories, know their hearts – I hope you become connected in some small way to people you’d otherwise never know. I hope you find yourself more closely in touch with the eternal story that inspires us all.

Faces In The Sea #1 – Neil the Preacher

Faces In The Sea #2 – Deano the Good Guy

Faces In The Sea #3 – Jacqui the Strong

Faces In The Sea #4 – Edgar the Polite

Faces In The Sea #5 – Barbara the Young

Faces In The Sea #6 – Mark the Light

Faces In The Sea #7 – Sophie the Alive

Faces In The Sea #8 – Jonathan the Deep

Faces In The Sea #9 – Tonya the Powerful

Faces In The Sea #10 – Adi the Time Stopper
Faces In The Sea #11 – Joni and Josh, the Radiant
Faces In The Sea #12 – Casey the Brave

Ernie the Magical
Dave the Forever and Ever

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  1. These are beautiful stories. They remind me that to God, we are never a sea of blurry faces, but rather, we are each a unique and distinct story of His making. I look forward to reading more.

  2. This is the most beautiful idea I’ve encountered in quite some time. Its one that inspires and give goosebumps, because it shows our potential and love, but more importantly open our eyes so that we grow stronger. If they can, its possible for me, too. You took a step too few dare to take, and for that I can’t give you anything else than my speechless admiration. Your face will never be forgotten.

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