dreams and visions

Love’s Unwavering Flood

Spiraling cross heavenly realms, a
droplet called hope dances along
songs of winged ones, gliding o’er
oceanic wonder and chaos – rife with
creatures of shine, of strange, of in
unison, they catch onto hope’s fine,
unyielding vibration, penetrating air,
sea, and depths upon depths of what
would be only darkness and silence,
but for otherworldly blare of a voice,
clear and singing – singing, “Join me!”
“Join me with joy as we advance to
the shore – there to join the liveliest
chorus of creation I have roused unto
now, to celebrate my love for my dear

One man occupies a lonely beach; he lies
without moving, sleeps without dreaming,
soaks unyielding heat from a cruel sun that
won’t desist, and he will remain until he
wastes into nothing, or the sand overtakes,
or someone or something makes him move.
Till arriving – that teeming, imminent tide, containing
the joyful chorus of creation – Creator inspired –
singing, “Rise, o discouraged, o sleeping, o dying
man – o rise! For today is your day. Your day!
For He loves you; He loves you; He loves you!”
Eyes flutter to open at the cool sensation of
sea mist upon a peace-starved countenance and
joy’s flourishing wave casts its cooling shadow
across his weary face, as he looks up and awaits
love’s unwavering flood

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  1. Hope and joy. The intangibles are what really matter, aren’t they? They can be elusive on some days, but they exist somewhere.

    Merry Christmas, Luke, to you and your family.

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