dreams and visions

The Beauty of You

Beauty will catch you by surprise often times, like the sensation you feel when you were expecting the worst, only to be caught off guard when something wonderful happens.

Beauty can be overwhelming to the point of painful – that exquisitely satisfying sort of pain, like the sort you feel after exerting your body or after being punched in the kidney by your kid while play-wrestling.

Beauty can leave you speechless and wanting and wishing your eyes were capable of growing to a size grand enough to consume its majesty.

This day, I’m caught for a moment by surprise, tinged with pain, speechless and wanting; my heart spawns a pressing question – What should I do with this? The answer must be ‘something’.

“No. There’s nothing. There is nothing you must do. Just partake – not too much. Not too little. Stop worrying, and partake.”

Glory, glory to the Maker of all
beauty I’ve seen this day, mere
shadows from the hand of You
Most beautiful, most glorious,
most majestic, most inspiring,
most loving, tender, intimate

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  1. Huh. This brings back a memory… as a young teen, being driven to church for an hour and a half across country each week. Past green, rolling hills – farmland and forest – that sometimes had the appearance of being chiselled into the earth. I would sit, glued to the window, paralysed and moved by the beauty. That was church, for me.

    • That sounds a whole lot like the best church in the world. So many denominations out there get wrapped up in buildings and facilities, when we should probably all just go outside.

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