dreams and visions

Reunion of Large and Small

I had a dream last night – a strange, confounding, brilliant dream. All of us – you and I and every person reading this – we met up in a parking lot, and we carpooled to a huge mall. It was two stories high, with a food court the size of several football fields. I don’t know why you were there, but my presence was demanded by duty. I’d come to meet a child.

His mother seemed kind and beautiful and clean and not at all like the stereotype of a mother looking to rid herself of her loin fruit. In fact, she had several other children that she planned on keeping. Her eldest boy, she hadn’t the energy to deal with anymore, so she was turning him over to me. No really, that was the reason she mentioned. Too busy. Too tired. Had to give one up

Once I’d finalized the situation with the adoption, I moved on to the second purpose for my visit to the giant mall: reunion. My high school reunion was being held at the giant mall, and everybody I saw there from those days was extremely undersized, the size of midgets, in fact. I walked around, an awkward giant among the small, and I felt very strange and lost.

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  1. Perhaps, your dreams are precognitive; your unconscious mind knows what is coming before you.

    Everything that happens to us lingers in our imagination. Pivotal events in our lives encourage visions inspired by obscure memories, mystical dreams, and childhood fantasies. This is especially true for orphaned, fostered and adopted children suffering from genealogical bewilderment.

  2. Love those kinds of powerful dreams. Are you tired, lost and looking to be adopted, perhaps? Since I started blogging, I regularly dream of crowded ‘reunion’ type settings where we are all gathered. Strange and yet strangely comforting.

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