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Gluttony for Beauty

Tonight I board a plane, kicking off a nearly eleven hour jaunt to the Caribbean, where I’ll eventually board an oceanic city called Adventure of the Seas. The excess I will witness and no doubt indulge in will be staggering – a gluttony of the gastro, the sensory, the soul – in proportions that ought to make the most indulgent of us blush like school girls. 
I hope I can find my way in all that excess. I hope that, if there’s indulgence on my part, it’s relegated mostly to indulgence in the beauty of creation. 
I hope I can be a wise user of my time, while allowing myself a proper amount of grace to drink in all that beauty. 
I hope I can become inspired again, inspired to make movements in line with the hum in my bones, to reorder creation in the way only I can see.
I hope my ears are sensitive enough to pick up on your sweet, wordless whispers. 

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  1. You will find your piece, pieces rather. A nightly offering to the porcelain god of the jon. The jon will joyfully receive your offering, giving your bowels the necessary emptiness required to indulge again in the morning.

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