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Unlike Our Waking Lives – The Final

The mention of that name, “The UnBe”, took capture my meager concentration; I felt much like a freeway rubbernecker, casting glare upon the scene of a wreck I instinctually knew was rife with carnage and loss, but my nature would not allow me to look away. I didn’t […]

Lurking Monsters – part 2

part 1 here Even as the exclamation about her blouse broke free from her lips, Abby knew her clandestine stop at the Sip n’ Zip had cost her dearly this morning. “Be quiet, and drive!” came a harsh whisper from behind her seat. The words were desperate to […]

Lurking Monsters – Part 1

It’s my one indulgence, Abby thought to herself, peering at the frosty, oversized container in her hand with a triple claw logo blazed down the front. Absent were the words “lo-calorie” or “lo-carb”; if she was going to drink the stuff, she wasn’t messing around. She was supposed […]