dreams and visions

Through Desert

This is something I wrote a few years back. It was inspired by an image of Miley Cyrus, back around her Hannah Montana days. My prayer for her now is that she eventually find freedom from the web of lies that she’s been lured into, that she remembers she is a daughter of God. I long for that sort of freedom for us all.

You appeared transcendent, otherwordly
Impervious and immortal – like the rust
and decay, the inevitable and unforgiving
march toward bits and fiber and molecules
would never overcome you, your beauty
was too powerful, too consuming, too much
for anybody to handle, much less dismantle

We trusted in you, in your untouchability
like it would react with our weaknesses and
somehow make us stronger, at least help us
feel less lonely, and always…always the same
we are lonely as ever, having known you
were not there, not as we’d thought, not as we
wanted, needed, yearned for, killed ourselves for

You were nothing, or next to it, a confounded
dream, a sugary elixir we fooled ourselves to
thinking was miraculous, an illusion wrought
by our own drunkenness, a song we thought
we heard, but was only in our head, an oasis
we are only just realizing never existed, and I
for one am weary of crawling through desert

I feel sorry for you now, picture behind the dream,
I can’t see you, but I feel you shivering in the
shadows, crying beyond the delusion, dying for
feeling that isn’t there to rob your pockets or your
skin or your dignity or your freedom or your real
heart’s desire – same as his and hers and all ours –
to be known and to know one pure selfless touch


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    • This was originally inspired out of reaction to the hysteria surrounding a once popular young actress/singer. Her story is similar to countless others. Followed, idolized, then forgotten for the sake of the next fantasy. Society is sick and cruel that way.

  1. well written – i too write of the desert–of an Old Lion – my alter ego – and his journeys thru his inner desert of turmoil and love and feelings
    everything casts a shadow–wether we can glimpse it or not
    we even cast shadows in the darkness of no moon
    thank you for your writings

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