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Jesus, if you were here with me now, I would hug you fiercely. A day or an hour or ten minutes from now, I might ignore you or jeer you with sarcasm or scream at you in anger, but were you here this second, I would grip you in an embrace so tight it might kill us both.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody

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  1. Perhaps you can explain this grotesque display of ignorance and self importance we call thanksgiving to one of the 15000 or so people who will starve to death today on this planet…. then go hug your Jesus.

    • Thanks for stopping in and reading.
      It is painful to see what our society has allowed Thanksgiving to deteriorate into – an excuse to indulge in excess and laze around watching football (and more recently, to go out until all hours, shopping, shopping, consuming, consuming…) I certainly don’t think it’s what our forefathers had in mind when they first envisioned the holiday. Abraham Lincoln was the one who finally made Thanksgiving a national holiday, and I imagine it was his attempt to move people to a healthier attitude, in light of the trials of the Civil War.
      I think it’s terribly ironic that, the more we have, the less thankful we tend to be. If I’m right about this, Americans must be the least thankful folks in all of history. It seems right to remember, at times like these, those who are lacking.
      Thanks again.

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