Time Out, November

I must post this now, so I’m less inclined to defy my own intentions. I’m clearing the path for myself this November to make some major progress on a couple pieces that have been too long in process. I’m putting a moratorium on my already meager blogging efforts for the month. No, I’m not an official NaNoWrMo participant – I haven’t nearly the time, but I am inspired by all the buzz to make some magic happen.

Until next month, I leave you with the Top 10 reasons I’m going to move to New Zealand some day.

Why New Zealand?? Need you ask? Okay, let me list –
1. It isn’t here
2. It is very far from here
3. They have hobbits
4. It is a documented fact that the air in New Zealand is composed of much larger air molecules than what we have here, so the act of breathing is greatly enhanced.
5. It is “New”, and new is almost always better than not new.
6. New Zealand is to Australia as Ireland is to England, and everybody knows that Ireland is pretty dang awesome. They have pubs.
7. New Zealand has way less mayonnaise per capita, and mayo is from the devil
8. Their accents are right sexy.
9. It’s the only place on earth that never embraced Nickelback.
10. I have always wanted to take up playing the Wobbleboard…”Tie me kangaroo down, sport!”

Happy writing to all you creatives out there!

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  1. A break is always good. I often take them, though without notice. Rest (or gather yourself) all you must but then return to us, sir!! Lol! I hadn’t been here in a while and I’m sad that you aren’t here but glad that you have taken some time to re-group, if I’m understanding correctly!

    See you soon!!

  2. Contemplative responses… in a good way
    1. Oh yes, it’s there alright. Just the other side of The Ditch (Tasman Sea) from here

    2. Most places in the Southern Hemisphere are so far from the north, that East and West make little difference other than day, or night.

    3. That is unconfirmed, but officially you’ll have to search the pages history’s ink to find where it is written, appended in blue, red, and green by some movie director’s hand. But plenty of other fantastic people live there, and they like pubs too.

    4. Now, now, that is all subject to lung capacity, locals will still always have it over you, so be careful if you are challenged to a mountain race.

    5.New to pakia, but well known long before to many other pasifika peoples.

    6. All islands are awesome, and those four all have pubs.

    7. Interesting fact, but I recommend you try some of these… http://www.inzc.maori.nz/suppliers/index.htm

    8. Like any country they come with a variety of accents, both on the North Island, and on the South Island.

    9. Yes, NZ have a strong music industry of their own, and are some of the most traveled musicians currently moving throughout the globe today. So Nickleback were never an option, considered more a metallurgy process in fact, possibly.

    10. Sorry, no kangaroos in NZ (not really anyway), and careful wobble boards in NZ and Australia mean two different things, may even be interchangeable too, possibly a generational thing. You’ll find the first more on the other side of The Ditch. But you may come across some in a zoo, or perhaps some escapees from a circus, or something, be careful though, wild, and feral can be just as tricky. Wobble boards, two distinctly unrelated species, one you can make a form of music with, and the other has a bit of a balancing trick to it….

    Either way, if you move to New Zealand, I think going to do fine if you decide to move, nothing better than an island, and the Pacific has plenty of them.

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