dreams and visions

In Touch With a Song (repost from 2007)

In describing a particular character from the story, I was reminded of this writing from a couple years ago.


Gravity in reverse compels me to move
to paste together words never seen before
that echo an enchanted melody that rides upon
a music older than earth and stone, existing, not
so much created, but forever a part of the voice
that has formed land into mountains and vapor to
oceans, which rise to a swell as they ache to listen
to every tender, lavish tone that escapes the mouth
of this sculpter of worlds, this composer of all we know
that is wonder, that is beauty, that is every story we’ve ever
taken in and felt it was a part of who we are – a part of forever,
but a part of humanity; its laced within our blood, and we know it like breath
unremembering as we are, it is there with each song that draws tears down our faces, brings courage when we are afraid, laughs away our weariness, casts glorious light onto our dark paths, pours healing upon our brokenness, grants us wholeness where we’re empty, moves us to dance like children and tells us we are loved forever.

If my ear could capture a piece of this song
then tonight I would rest with peace by my side
and worry would be gone, and I’d forget why I cared
about most of the things I kill myself doing and trying to get.
And words would come easily; you wouldn’t have to flood me
with all emotions and strange longings I find it hard to understand.
We’d be friends for all time, you the singer and I your favorite instrument.
I would spend hours weaving your songs into stories that stir hearts to strain for the sound of your voice.  

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