dreams and visions


I am faster than most around me
quick, comprehensive my thoughts
focused, sharper in fanciful tricks,
deeds on the wavelength most only
dream to be capable of performing

I’m a tech driven, unnatural wonder,
smart phone packing, communicating
speeds of light in a universe ripe with
information; nothing on this sweet
tree of knowledge slips by me, unknown.

I’m exhausted

Success fuels a mighty void, abscessed
heart creating a vortex of want, anger –
need to release a mighty fire-filled orb
of tension, passion and pain, but I will
ignore every sign, just to keep the ease

And the night, the night – it comes with
such looming regularity; so the hope of
challenges unmet, the anguish of those
disappointments unsolved, the desperate
longing, and my words, My Words!

Reek of eternity

You Are So methodical with Your
attention, unyielding in Your pace, thwarting
my seeking pleasantry and peace for peace’s
sake, not allowing me to get by so cheaply,
heaving density into life’s thin, stagnant air

Secretly, so You know my awareness of such
dependence on Your breath, I’m embarrassed –
my neediness leaving me so naked, without a
shelter, save You; I cannot leave to accomplish
all my important things, so I will remain a little

What do You want to do?

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  1. The pace of life today is so damaging to our spirit I think. God is not going to talk to us on our cell phone, facebook , Ipod or TV. He speaks in His still small voice, but we are usually not listening because of all the noise we surround ourselves with daily. I loved your entry Luke…….Be still and Know that He is God!!

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