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When I ______…

“I know God made me for a purpose, but He also made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.”


If the above quote fails to move a Larger part of you, I have some instructions:
– Hold two fingers to the side of your throat, and verify you actually have a pulse.

Inspiration throttled me as I watched the Olympics opening ceremonies last night. The whole expression was brilliantly portrayed, gave me shivers in many places, but I was captivated anew, as I’ve been in the past, by the remembrance of Scottish Olympian, Eric Liddell, whom I feel is simultaneously one of the most inspirational and inspired men in history.
Dear readers, fill in your own answer to this phrase –
“When I ________, I feel God’s pleasure.”
One rule: you can’t say “when I write…”. I think we can assume this of 99% of WordPress users.

That said, here is mine for today –
“When I teach my son something new, I feel His pleasure.”

Today, I taught my youngest to ride his bicycle without training wheels. I am under a euphoria to which few experiences compare…


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  1. Great job!!! I bet he’s super excited… I think honestly it’s when I write but since that’s not allowed I will say when I help…be it cooking a meal for someone, talking or listening to someone…giving to someone.

    • Yes! Good one! I confess, I could only identify so much with the helping pleasure, until recently. The anxiety I’ve been struggling with these days has typically shown up around 9:00 in the morning, when I’m at work and the crushing pressure of responsibility and doing well puts my nerves in overdrive. Last week, I was at McD’s before work, doing some writing, and I saw a homeless guy sitting there, absently watching CNN. I stopped and talked with him a minute and bought him an egg Mcmuffin. That day, I had no anxiety. Then I wrote this: https://legionwriter.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/like-absence-does-to-worry/

  2. Maww, you had to make it hard … take my “write” away 🙂

    I suppose then … keeping it as basic as possible … when I’m generous, I feel His pleasure. Giving makes me feel happy anyway, so I’m hoping He gets a bit out of it, too.

  3. When I…(think) I feel God’s pleasure

    Isn’t it Always the little things in life that truly are the most wonderful and never the grand gestures…

  4. What a wonderful post! Since I very recently wrote about Him, I can appreciate it all the more 🙂
    When I am with my horses, I feel God’s pleasure.

  5. What an awesome blog your children are lucky to have such an inspirational dad…. even the little things are the biggest in our children’s memories 😉

  6. Great post! Man, the Eric Liddell story really is such a great inspiration. I’ve thought about that quote many times. I love it because it’s antithetical of the mindset of so many Christians, including Liddell’s sister in the movie “Chariots of Fire”. Too many Christians will fill that blank with “when I go to church”; albeit, that may be a fine answer, but there can and should be other places too.
    When I speak to an audience, I feel close to God.

    • Amen to everything you just said. Sometimes, I feel like church is the place Christians go to hide from the world. Most of the time, I think that, actually. Church has become a special club, rather than a tool for reaching people in dark places. Thanks for the comment and follow!

  7. Dear Luke,
    I am BUZZING!!!!!!
    Awesome awesome awesome post.
    I’ll be quoting this one.
    Oh, and for me?
    When I sing to my children, or any children for that matter, I feel God’s pleasure.
    Thank you so much for this.
    P.S. I am smiling so big it hurts.

  8. When the icy cold wind touches my face and plays with my hair, I feel God’s pleasure. On top of that if it starts to rain, I feel I’m in heaven 🙂

  9. How could anyone stopping by… not take the time to “LIKE” this!!!!?!!!
    Loving your writing. I hope you have many days of dark corners with your keyboard… or even nice scenic windows with perfect views…. JUST give us more words!!!!

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