A Little Song, A Little Dance

Me and my boys, having emerged from our 2012 corn maze adventure.
Time to complete: 24 minutes

I’ve been terribly remiss the past couple months. Several of you secret agents on WordPressdom have given me love in the form of illusory awards, and I’ve failed to give them proper due. By now, I regret that I’ve likely forgotten specifics of who has nominated me and for what, but here I shall make a sincere effort to remember all who’ve given me highlight. If you’ve given me a shout recently, and I miss you, please feel free to leave me a hateful comment below.

First, I will gratefully mention those who’ve named me beautiful, inspiring, illuminating – enough to grant me awards the past couple months.

Ms. Nine – Brings joy by writing on the joys of writing.

Emotional Mommie – Touches the feelings and spirit bend of the saga of parenthood

Mari at My Blogging Addiction – Honest and inspiring words about her life, struggles, triumphs…

Asklotta – Lotta is an awesome blogger you should get to know.

Kana Tyler – I find Kana’s life fascinating. She’s one of the first to ever follow my blog, and I have thoroughly enjoyed following hers.

Expressionistaura – Take one look at her banner image, and you’ll be hooked.

I hope I haven’t missed anyone!

Now, I shall plug a few blogs that I’ve been enjoying recently. I follow a lot of blogs, so this isn’t exhaustive – just a few that have caught my passion recently.

Brandy at thoughlifebeaday – Brandy is an extremely inspired human being, and she drips her life into her words. Powerful stuff, my friends.

E.M. Vireo – One of the most talented fiction writers on WordPress. WARNING! Some of his stuff is pretty, well…not for conservative readers.

Alarna Rose Gray – Ms. Gray doesn’t mess around. She reels you in and makes it seem easy.

Steve at Backpackology – If you’re not following backpackology by now, you’ve been missing out. His blog is epic.

Doug Bursch at fairlyspiritual – Doug is a pastor with a radio show in my area, and he’s one of my heroes. His perspective on life and the church is so refreshing to me, and he’s bailed me out of many a long drive home after a crappy day. Give his blog a follow. You won’t be disappointed.

Noah Matthews – I’m secure enough in my masculinity to admit that I have a major man-crush on Noah’s blog. Noah is the real deal. Enough said.

justpeanutbutterandjelly – Many of you may know Kim from her other blog, silentlyheardonce. If you haven’t checked out her new one, do! Each day, she writes a note and puts it in her grandson’s lunch for school, and she posts those words on her blog. COOLEST CONCEPT EVER!

I could make this list 100 long, but my kids are starving for lunch, and well – there is always another day to indulge in more WordPress euphoria.

Thanks again to all who nominated me, and for all who read my drivel. It means so much to make these connections.

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention/kind words! It has been pouring rain for 3 days straight in Cleveland and you gave me the sunshine today that I soooo needed (if only you knew)! Your timing was perfect! You’re the best!

  2. Congrats on the numerous recognitions, my friend! And thank you too for the kind words!! I will check out the other nominees!

    Have a wonderful weekend! (:


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