Vicarious Living and Lightning Strikes

The Seattle area has experienced some spectacular lightning storms the past two nights. Tonight, I was preparing to take the trash out, and I found myself hoping that one of those spectacular bolts would find it’s way down on me as I plunged into the downpour. Yeah, it’s been a day. It’s been a “what the hell?” sorta day. It’s been a “why” day. A struggling through the meaningless day. A bitch about what’s wrong day. To cope, I’m going to try something a little different.

I recently stumbled upon the story of three stellar ladies, living a dream of dreams. I’ll let the link to their blog tell the whole of the story, but to encourage you to check it out, I’ll just say that their story involves four things – music, travel, art, and ice cream. If you aren’t a fan of at least two of those things, then it’s possible that you may be a commie. Or maybe a robot.

Folks, I direct your attention to The Indian Summer Tour. Be a true red-blooded, ice cream loving American and click over to their blog, and follow their story, and maybe even have them stop by your town and share a little of their blessed madness.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a lightning bolt with my name on it.


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  1. Luke–I can never tell if you REALLY have all these bad days, or if it’s your EYORE complex.In other words, do I feel sorry for you, or just realize that that is the way you are—and that is OK, too. Cuz you are such an interesting, complicated person.

  2. I know the feelings. I’m always out in lightning storms. On purpose. Then again, there’s something exhilarating about pouring rain and electricity. I wish we got more thunderstorms in NorCal.

    I hope your weekend is looking up, though… Someday I’ll have to make it up there and we can have a chat over coffee. You like coffee, right? And I’ll check out the ladies you mentioned. Your comment about commies and robots made me laugh!

    • The weekend could ONLY have gotten better.
      Do I like coffee? Coffee is life. Coffee is the only substance that keeps my pulse going. I believe that, after the original sin, God said, “Mankind will have a difficult time now that he is besmirched by sin.” So then he created the coffee bean, and ever since then, coffee has been a last vestige of joy for those of us who too often find ourselves aimless in a vortex of chaos and noise.
      Without coffee, I would drown myself in a sea of my own salty, salty tears.

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