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Summer Night to Nowhere


I believe there is no better mixture of sensations available to the human soul, than that which is provided by a Summer night sky.

Often, I feel as though the whole of life on this World is set to take from me. There are remedies for this; certainly there are many remedies. For the most part, I find they are little more than sandbags, designed to hold at bay the ever-rising tide of Want and Take. Rare is the sort of thing that does not seek to take – that does not seek at all. I find this odd sort of generosity in the form of the Summer night sky.

Most of us have felt the liberation of a cool night breeze on the heels of a hot day. Some nights, I want to light icy fire to that night breeze by jumping into my car with no place to go, lowering every window and driving as fast as I can to nowhere.

Where is nowhere? I don’t know. I don’t even want to know where it is; it is enough that I may know what it is. So what is nowhere? To be honest, I betray its essence by even asking the question, and even more so by attempting to answer. Because that’s the whole point of nowhere, isn’t it? It’s a place you needn’t ask questions like that. It’s a place to only be – to cease wanting, to cease striving, to cease pretending, to cease taking – it is a place to breathe.

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  1. This is unspeakably beautiful. To me, that is nature’s magic – it’s ability to give, while demanding little in return. Just last week, on a quiet Friday night, I took a drive with my beloved – to nowhere in particular, just to listen to music on the road, and look at the stars, and the lights of industry and home. Those moments are so simple, and yet, extraordinary. Just to be.

  2. I wish to go no where as well!! I will forever be a fan of your work. You continue to captivate me. Thanks Lucas! I hope you’re doing well! Sandy Chabot.

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