Tag: Fatherhood

Christmas Message to a Future Father

   It is Christmas Eve! This Christmas is a bit of a benchmark for our family. By the looks of it, this will be the last Christmas your little brother believes in Santa. I say he still believes, but he’s already considering the strong possibility that his parents […]

The Creaks and Groans

I’m afflicted this morning with a nervous stomach. I’ll expound in more detail at a later time, but I’ve been reading this book – The Wisdom of the Enneagram. It talks a lot about remaining present, living in the moment and feeling the sensations of the heart and […]

Thursday Worth

A repost of another fave from several years ago. I think we all as humans wonder if it is all worth it. Here’s to realizing it is. Wake up late because my alarm died. Make breakfast for two boys who donโ€™t eat a thing. Later Iโ€™ll be hungry […]