dreams and visions

Unfamiliar Sort of Home

I’ve been wondering about you lately. I know you’re used to that, because we’re all wondering about you and have been for years. I just can’t help but think you are capable of so much more. No, I’m not talking about solving the world’s pains with some miracle power; I’m tired of that ludicrous discussion. I just mean you could be more…visible. I mean, if people were to see you more, they may become inspired. They may become better.
I may become better.

You know yourself! You are beauty beyond words, and I can remember moments when I had mine completely stolen by a single encounter; why can’t we have more of that? Nobody could possibly have you so close and not become enamored. No hopeless one could not gain hope. No one alienated or alone could possibly feel lonely, not with you around.
Why must we grope for you in the dark so much of the time? We are fallen, yes, but we’d be less so if you would fly in like the Hero I know you are.

Of course, fallen and disrupted as we are from our truest selves, we are all addicts. To anything with strength enough to solve our gnawing pains, we become attached down to our deepest core. It’s a flaw in our engineering *sorry*, it’s where our engineering was set askew, but isn’t this what you want? A billion hearts addicted to you? I don’t know exactly, but I guess that doesn’t sound like you. You want to be different from everything else we’ve ever chosen over anything else, don’t you? You want to be the ultimate something, and the ultimate something can’t just be another salve for scorched souls, even if it’s the best relief – the best addiction of all time. Simply being our relief would make you quite normal, wouldn’t it? A better sort of normal, to be sure, but normal none the less. So maybe this is why you hide so much of the time? In places obvious, you do hide, and for those of us who bother to look for you – in the rare moments when we actually do such a thing, the brief engagement with your unfamiliar sort of Home with us…oh my, it makes the next search so enticing.

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