I Am A Beautiful Blogger?

So, I’ve been honored with a couple unlikely blogging awards recently.
First, thanks to silentlyheardonce for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award!


Similarly, thanks to Caitlin for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog award.


I am thankful for the nods, and I find the timing quite funny; here’s why –

I’ve been putting together some work for a dear friend of mine who heads up a non-profit called Rooftop 519. He mentioned to me recently that most of the target readers for this material will be women, so I need to be careful, since my writing has such a masculine bent. To quote him exactly –

“You write like Conan (the Barbarian, not the redhead) with a dash of Gandalf and a little Ron Swanson on the side. I picture you writing in your man’s study with a quart of mead and a turkey leg by your side. The only thing with more testosterone than a page of your writing is a full grown bull shark.”

So, given the nature of these recent awards, I’d have to say – In your face Shawn Manley! Seems like someone has gotten in touch with his feminine side!

Ok, so questions I’m supposed to answer for the One Lovely Blog Award:

1: What is your favorite color?
2: What is your favorite animal?
What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Iced Coffee
3: Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook. I’m too lazy to tweet
4: What is your favorite pattern?
It’s a sonic pattern – that repeating symphonic part on Coldplay’s Vida La Vida
5: Do you prefer giving or getting presents?
Getting. Hello??
6: What is your favorite number?
Dan Marino’s #13
7: What is your favorite flower?
Ummmm. The plastic kind you don’t have to water
8: What is your favorite day of the week?
9: What’s your passion?
Christ, my family, music, and writing.

So I think the rules are I’m supposed to nominate 7 people for each of these. Since many of the bloggers I follow have received them at least once, I’m going to give a shout out to just two people, starting with my masculine brother, Shawn Manley for the Beautiful Blogger award. Sincerely, he does have a beautiful heart, so it is deserved.

For the One Lovely Blog Award, I nominate my friend Shannon over at Revelations In Writing. She shares uplifting thoughts on scripture each day, and she’s an awesome sistah.

That’s it for now. Beautiful Blogger signing off!

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    • Lol. Yes, I suppose he is. His comments were actually in response to my telling him I used to carry some insecurity because in college I had a creative writing assignment where it was read in front of the class by the instructor. Nobody knew who wrote it, but they all assumed it was written by a girl

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