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I Am Not As Strong As a Twelve-Year-Old Girl, A Wake Up File

 “Dad?” little Isaac says. A pair of ducks float lazily on the surface of the urban lake behind him. He embraces a half gallon jug of murky water, much of which has splashed onto his chest, soaking the front of his shirt, as he’s wrangled it for half […]

The Stony Voice Within

        My first “published” story was written during the second grade. The story was titled The Brick Monster, and my teacher thought it worthy of submission to the state young authors competition. Weeks later, I found myself in a stark room – a classroom for grown […]

Life Vindicated

I write today in defense of Life. No, this isn’t an anti-abortion or anti-death penalty message I’m bringing, though it often feels that it’s only in the context of those hot button issues that Life is thought about in a positive way. When we aren’t defending the rights […]

For Lent, I Give Up Nothing

“Back the camera up just a bit, and you are nothing but a human being, floating through time and space…” Vapor [A Meditation] – The Liturgists I recognize I am a solid week overdue to be posting something Lent-related, but I suppose to worry about such tardiness would […]