Life Vindicated

I write today in defense of Life. No, this isn’t an anti-abortion or anti-death penalty message I’m bringing, though it often feels that it’s only in the context of those hot button issues that Life is thought about in a positive way. When we aren’t defending the rights of people to live, we often besmirch Life with statements like, “Life is hard”, “Life sucks”, or “FML!” (f*** my life). 

It was during a particularly stressful day this past week that I caught myself muttering all three of these statements to myself. I was stuck in traffic at the time. I spent a good twenty hours of my life this week sitting in traffic. FML indeed. 

As I hurled these accusations at Life – accusations I’ve made hundreds of times – something unusual happened. I think Someone must have been riding shotgun with me in that snarl of traffic, and Someone had something to say about Life that day. It occurred to me that the idea of calling Life “hard” is absurd. It’s very much the same as saying “Blood is difficult” or “Oxygen is such a pain in the ass!” 

I’ve written before about the mental lightning bolt that struck me once when I caught myself saying “Life gets in the way”, a lightning bolt which said, “You really think that was Life getting in your way? It looks more like a whole lot of bullshit got in your way. It looks like you need to get out of Life’s way!” 

It’s true, confound it. It’s true of me and nearly all of us. We’re so busy trying to accomplish Life, to solve Life as though it’s some sort of cosmic Rubik’s Cube; we can only go so long before we become exasperated and lament, “Damn! Life is hard!” 

I’m going to try a little therapy today. Perhaps you’ll want to take part. I’m going to write something I’ve never written before – something positive about Life – something uncharacteristic of a man with such dreaded nihilistic tendencies. Pardon me while I work up some nerve and restrain my gag reflex…

Life is good.
Life is beautiful.
Life is a gift.
I am thankful for my Life.  

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  1. There’s some good points here, why is it so hard to be positive and being a negative miserable human comes so easily. Waking up on a wet morning is something to be grateful for. I hope you don’t gag too much writing something positive. 🙂

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