dreams and visions

In Case You Ever Wondered

Been an awful long time since I felt like singing
Surprised to know you missed my sorry voice
and your sweet eyes welled with tears at both
my betrayal and its horrendous aftermath
Still, after all my running, fumbling through the dark
“Sing anyway.” you say, “Remind us both that
your heart loves me first, that I’m the only One
you have ever known who comprehends the best,
the worst of all that’s inside you, and can still touch
my face to yours, tell you with sincerity, passion,
strength and devotion – that I love you – unendingly,
undeniably, unyieldingly, bravely, furiously, jealously.”
Been an awful long time since I felt like writing
Would consider stopping, avoiding it forever
if you didn’t remind me near every time I see you
that your very hand seems to grip my brittle heart
every time I frustrate myself attempting to grope
for words that describe you; I cannot deny that
there are measured moments when I feel you
standing in the very room beside me – stirring me,
overwhelming me until my fingers barely work
“Write anyway” you say, “Remind us both that
I have bestowed grace upon you and changed you
forever – wonderous, glorious, scandalous grace.”


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